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Housing in Ecuador

Most popular areas for expatriates are Guayaquil and Quito. Houses and apartments, generally unfurnished, are available for rental and expatriates will have no difficulty in finding suitable accommodation with car parking facilities (garage or carport).

Rents in Ecuador are higher than in the US. If you decide to rent a house by the Northern districts of larger cities such as Guayaquil, or Quito; these, are quite expensive areas and the cost ranges between US$700 and US$2,500 per month, depending on the particular property.

Quito has houses and apartments for rent, ranging in style from colonial to ultramodern. it is advisable that you consider apartments over houses since they are inherently more secure.

Duplexes and apartments typically have three or four bedrooms and domestic employees quarters. Apartments are newer than detached houses. Most houses have walls or fences around the property, and lower windows often have protective metal grillwork. Apartment buildings usually have porters or guards.

Houses ordinarily have three or four bedrooms, a family room, two or more bathrooms, and a room and bath for a live-in maid. They usually have small yards. Virtually, all of Quito’s newer houses are split-level or multilevel.





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