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Transnational Issues

Disputes – International

Organised illegal narcotics operations in Colombia penetrate across Ecuador's shared border, which thousands of Colombians also cross to escape the violence in their home country.

Refugees & Internally Displaced People

As of 2007, there were around 11,526 Colombian refugees in Ecuador; note – UNHCR estimates as many as 250,000 Columbians are seeking asylum in Ecuador, many of whom do not register as refugees for fear of deportation.

Illicit Drugs

Ecuador is a significant transit country for cocaine originating in Colombia and Peru, with over half of the US-bound cocaine passing through Ecuadorian Pacific waters. Ecuador is also an importer of precursor chemicals used in production of illicit narcotics.

Ecuador is an attractive location for cash-placement by drug traffickers laundering money because of dollarisation and weak anti-money-laundering regime. There is an increased in activity on the northern frontier by trafficking groups and Colombian insurgents.





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